My whole life is surrounded by technology that has been discovered or invented in the past 50 years. I am a product of Generation-X, the epitome of consumerism. I love and want more technology, I crave the latest gadget, I consume therefore I am. But really, I am a poor example of a consumer, I …

Water Suppliers and Health

One of the highlights of the BCWWA Conference I just returned from was a discussion about the ethics of water treatment and the frameworks that decisions such as this are made in. With a presentation from two Interior Health officials, the discussion and points raised gave us all plenty to consider on the ethics of our business – I did record this session and it is attached to this post.

The Fight for Peak Oil Information

In my quest for information on Peak Oil from the British Columbia Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure, another roadblock (no pun intended) has been thrown in front of my adventure. Apparently I need to know the title of the documents I’m requesting under Freedom of Information to get the fee waived – not just a …

Road Design and Urban Planning

At times I feel like a rare breed, an aberration of nature and education, that has turned me into this Engineer who actually cares about urban planning principals and integration into the civil design process. Streets are places, too | RUDI – Resource for Urban Design Information [ad#125-right]Highway design and maintenance has always been kept …

The Age of the Engineer is Over

Before anyone accuses me of being prejudiced against engineers, let it be known that I am a registered Civil Engineer, and quite enjoy being one.
However, that doesn’t mean that I’m oblivious to the end of the age of engineers.