Seismic Slope Stability Requirements in BC

As of February 1, 2010, the BC Building Code has been amended to require the consideration of potential for slope instability and it’s consequences at a building site becomes an explicit requirement in the design of structures and their foundations, additionally, the seismic design criteria has been increased to a probablility level of 2%-in-50 year. […]

Teaching Kids about Municipal Engineering

The engineering profession is often challenged with ways to pass on the enthusiasm for the profession to younger generations. Part of this is based in the education system and the streamlining of subjects taught, but most of the blame for the seeming obscurity of the profession has to lie with the profession itself. For Civil […]

Tar Sands

Several years ago, I wrote a couple of pieces on the Athabasca Oil Sands, and I still get hits from people searching Google looking for images of this industrial monstrosity in Northern Alberta. Since then, media attention of the area has focused on mainly the wealth and growth of industry, property values and the seemly unstoppable flow of oil. Occasionally though, the dark side of the boom is portrayed, but typically not often enough for the average person to think twice about filling up their truck, or even to consider where the magical fuel is coming from.

Winter Creeks

A couple of days ago we had a comment from a resident who was convinced that there would be no water flowing in the highest of our creek intakes, on Murphy Creek. So we went out to investigate the flows –  we took the opportunity to inspect a second intake at the same time and […]

Revitalizing a Slow Sand Filter

Last week we replaced the sand in two of the filters in the Rossland Water Treatment Plant. This is a slow sand filter system and the sand hasn’t required refilling since the plant was comissioned over a decade ago. The method used to place the sand is fast and efficient use of labor, with minimal […]

Road Design and Urban Planning

At times I feel like a rare breed, an aberration of nature and education, that has turned me into this Engineer who actually cares about urban planning principals and integration into the civil design process. Streets are places, too | RUDI – Resource for Urban Design Information [ad#125-right]Highway design and maintenance has always been kept […]

Infrastructure and the Current Financial Situation

Infrastructure authorities around America are scrambling for funds in the wake of the current financial turmoil. The bond market is off limits to cities, states and other local governments, forcing authorities to make some tough choices… Maine had already begun some of its road work when the bond markets stopped functioning, so now it is […]