The Future of Rural Life on the Columbia River

Image via Wikipedia While driving down in Eastern Washington State this weekend, I was stuck by the remoteness of many of the small towns and villages in this region, (both in BC and Washington). In some of these places you wonder how it is that people are able to scrape a living from the land […]

UBC Water Survey for the Kootenays

A lot of opportunities to participate in surveys and learning pass across my various “desks”, and I recently received a request from a group that I hold in high regard, led by Hans Schrier and Sandra Brown at the University of British Columbia. The Soil Water and Communities Group from the Faculty of Land and […]

Seasons Come and Go

This weekend I took my sister for a walk along the lovely Waldie Island Trail on the Brilliant side of the Columbia River in Castlegar. This time of year, the colours are stunning along the trail if you can get a sunny day. Although a beautiful trail, it also represents an historical site for the […]

Shipping Returns to the Columbia River

Having missed the most exciting transportation and engineering event on the Columbia River for 2009. I’ll resort to relying on other people’s accounts of the journey. As an aside, this is an example of the use of traditional transportation methods in BC, a province of lakes, rivers and large mountain ranges. Last century there were even train barges on the lakes around here, as the steep shorelines prevented easy access for rail.

Castlegar Caught in the Middle

To catch everyone up on the story, Celgar, a subsidiary of Mercer International, runs the pulp mill locoated way out on the north western extremity of the City’s boundary, alongside the now closed Interfor lumber mill on the banks of the Columbia River at Hugh Keenlyside Dam.