Building Community

In times past, you couldn’t be an individual and live in a town or city. There wasn’t TV or the internet to distract us from the necessary task of making friends in a community. The community was the lifeboat you could trust to rescue, it was the means of commerce and service. It wasn’t just the group of people sharing a common location, it was a group of people sharing a common goal or set of ideals.

Castlegar Planning for the Future

This week marks the start of The City of Castlegar’s Integrated Community Sustainability Planning process – at least the public side of it. Last night, a presentation by the Fraser ABasin Council on Sustainability Processes foir Communities drew out out about 30 residents and councillors with some excellent discussion about the end aim of going through such a process for a community.

Community Energy and Emissions Inventory for BC

British Columbia has recently released the draft of the Province-wide community level Energy and Emissions Inventory. This is the first example of a large scale community-wide inventory in North America. This supports the commitment of communities under the Climate Action Charter to Measure and Report Community Green House Gas Emissions, and to develop targets, policies …

RDCK Smart Planning Innitiative

The Regional District of Central Kootenay, in which the City of Castlegar resides is starting out on the Integrated Community Sustainability Planning path.If you are path of the communities inside the RDCK, check out the following information about the public consultation process, and at a minimum take the survey, it is about a twenty minute …

BSC2009 – Community Capital – Dr Boyd Cohen

Dr Boyd Cohen kicked off the Building Sustainable Communities conference with a talk exploring the six types of capital required for sustainable communities and gave examples around the world of projects that have radically enhanced communities.

Building Sustainable Communities Conference

If you are attending the Building Sustainable Communities Conference 2009 and taking photos (uploaded to flickr), bookmarking (on delicious) blogging or twittering, please use the tag BSC2009 so we can keep up to date with each others posts. Follow me on Twitter too. Next week is going to be a little different as I’m away …

Greener Friendlier Holidays

Image via Wikipedia Now you might be thinking that I’d be writing a post about all the greatest greenest presents that you could buy. I’m not going to tell you what to buy. Instead I want you to briefly consider where all of the holiday consumerism has come from and is going to – is …