Castlegar Yard Waste Pickup

The City is once again providing a yard waste pickup program. I’m thinking of using it this year for the tenacious weeds that keep popping up in our veggie patch. Most of our compostable material goes into one of our three compost systems. The toughest choice comes with tree prunings, this year we have already amassed about twenty […]

Composting in Castlegar

We love composting. In fact, we’ve got a worm bin in the kitchen as well as two composting bins right down the back. I built these pallet composting bays to formalize the work of the previous owners of the house, but always knew that winter composting is not much fun to start with, but when […]

Worms in the Kitchen

We’re about to restart out affair with worms. Sadly, on leaving Australia we had to say goodbye to our Red Tiger worms and their lovely black box home. Now, after some prompting form the local worm lady, Betty, Eden’s Girl Guide’s group, and the fact that our outdoor compost pile is under about 2 feet […]

Preparing for Spring

The end of January may signify different things for different people, but for our family, it represents a call to action, a call to the gardening, farming and seed catalogs and a call to start planning out the garden beds for the coming growing seasons.