Expectation or Entitlement

In light of the upcoming referendum for the Castlegar Rec Centre Expansion Project, I thought I’d play an audio excerpt from CBC that articulates many of the conflicting circumstances that add complexity to the decisions that governments make regarding money and funding projects. The excerpt, an intro to a CBC Ideas program aired in May […]

Peak Oil Vignette 7 -The College

The community had always just assumed that there would be a college in town. It had been a feature of the local economy since its construction and grand opening in 1967 with many of the local kids starting or completing their studies in the institution, and many more young adults travelling from far and wide […]


I write often about community resilience here at UrbanWorkbench. Resilience is the ability of a system to absorb change and still function. In the sense of community, this is the survive and thrive through change mentality. Most people would agree that resilience is a great thing for a community, but I’m finding that people have different expectations with regard to what areas or themes are involved in measuring resilience.


Image by tiarescott via Flickr THE meeting spills over into its second hour. We are discussing an employee productivity initiative. At the moment, our most talkative committee member is describing a similar effort at another company. Her descriptions are peppered with self-consciously clever turns of phrase and images. Another participant chimes in with the idea […]

A Head Very Full of Ideas

Image by urbanworkbench via Flickr It’s beginning to look like January 2009 will be one of the busiest months we’ve had as a family. Lots of meetings, homeschooling starting back up, and Robyn and I have been asked to give an 80 minute presentation on Sustainability in February. This will be the first formal presentation […]