Petro-gate – Starring Canada

Canada has a lot to lose from the possible global decisions being made in Copenhagen over the next few weeks – and most of it revolves around oil and natural gas reserves that are being exploited in Northern Alberta.

My Shrinking World

But something is happening to this world. Your world is getting a lot smaller a lot quicker than you imagine. Yes you still have the internet, Amazon, CostCo and can spend hours browsing through the mall – store after store of goods made in faraway lands. However, the recent economic crisis has rubbed some of the shine and glitter off the consumer model of spending.

Sustainability Presentation – Selkirk College

The slides and mind map of our recent presentation to staff of Selkirk College entitled, “Sustainability or Survival – the future of life in the Kootenays” can be downloaded here. I will update these links this weekend! Sustainability_Presentation_-_Slides Sustainability_Presentation_-_Map1 This was a lot of fun and gave us an opportunity to challenge a few people […]

Castlegar Airport Beacons

According to a Towns for Tomorrow grant application (taken from the Council agenda for November 17, 2008) for $375,000, the City of Castlegar is planning on spending funds from various sources of about $1,000,000 to upgrade the airport to permit nighttime flights to take off and land at Castlegar Airport. $100,000 of airport reserves will […]

The Truth About the Pacific NorthWest and Climate Change

I love the Pacific Northwest and Southern BC, but the reality for this area in a climate change driven world, is that population influx may be the most serious issue to contend with. What if the American Southwest dries up, browns out, and those people now misting their patios in Arizona head to the still-green […]

Infrastructure and the Current Financial Situation

Infrastructure authorities around America are scrambling for funds in the wake of the current financial turmoil. The bond market is off limits to cities, states and other local governments, forcing authorities to make some tough choices… Maine had already begun some of its road work when the bond markets stopped functioning, so now it is […]