So, when I suggest that Climate Change, Peak Oil and the Economy are not going to be solved by changing out light bulbs, watering our lawns less, refusing to accept a plastic shopping bag or buying a more fuel efficient car – and the response is to suggest that I am “unreasonable”, my response is one of bemusement.

BSC2009 – Permaculture – Jesse Lemieux

Jesse Lemieux, now living on Denman Island is a Permaculture educator who has been engaged in Permaculture principles around the globe. His presentation at the Building Sustainable Communities Conference was a primer on Permacultur, the reasons and means to make a difference in sustainable design of human settlemtn and the relationship to the environment and […]

Electric Airplane

Recently I’ve been quoted as saying that electric airplanes are limited by the length of the cord. Certainly for commercial or freight flights at this stage this is the case. However for personal aircraft, an inventor has modified a glider body with an electric engine… EcoGeek – Clean Technology But now the li-ion packs can […]