Tungle – the Scheduling Lifesaver

Image by [ r ? c e y t ? y ] {I br?ke for bokeh} via Flickr If you’d seen my desk lately, you’d understand how I feel about organization – I need it, but it doesn’t come easy. I’ve written previously about Xobni, another Outlook addin that helps sift through email madness, now […]

Gentrified Patriachal Resistance

Twitter is an effective outlet for my stream of conscious, it sits there asking, “what’s new”, some posts get cross posted to Facebook, but almost none of them make it to UrbanWorkbench as a post. In response to Richard Florida’s tweet this morning, “The greatest obstacles to local resilience are the rigid and inflexible policies […]

Earth Hour

The City of Castlegar has shown its support for Earth Hour this week in their Regular Council Meeting- Earth Hour 2009 is dubbed the election between the Earth and Global Warming. It all began in Sydney Australia in 2007 and has spread to become a global initiative to raise awareness of climate change and issues […]

IntenseDebate Plugin

Comments are one of the features of a blog that make or break the user’s experience. Yesterday I upgraded my comments system in WordPress to utilize a plugin and service called IntenseDebate. This is a decision to allow greater flexibility in visitors’ ability to comment, track comments, and reply to comments by email rather than […]