Canadian Flood Insurance

Most homeowners are unaware that their home insurance policies are extremely limited when it comes to flood protection. Insurance companies are pointing at a lack of flood risk information across Canada, that reflects inconsistent standards, mapping and knowledge that are costing all Canadians: Insurance executives say homeowners will never have access to comprehensive flood insurance […]

How Large was the Flood in Calgary?

The City of Calgary and many surrounding communities experienced severe flooding in June 2013, and amidst the fears, doubts and relief experienced post-flood there are several questions that decision-makers and engineers need to ask as the clean up is underway: exactly how big was the flood, how frequently can we expect a flood that big, […]

Rain Storms and Return Periods.

There is a rainfall warning on for today with 40-50mm of rain forecast in the next 24 hours. There is a modest amount of snow on the ground here in Castlegar, more up in Rossland, so there would be some snow melt occurring as well. If it comes, this is probably the biggest daily rainfall […]