Local Food Banks

In the past couple of days I’ve received two emails regarding the level of supplies at local food banks in the Kootenays. These organizations fill in the gap between government assistance and a diet that is healthy, and are usually staffed by volunteers and supplied through donations. The Kerr Apartment fire in Nelson likely drained […]

Food Inflation

While pundits and economists everywhere welcome in the “recovery”, a different story is brewing in the US produce sector, from the Producer Price Index (PPI) report for March 2010, it seems that the price of food rose 2.4% in March alone – the largest monthly jump in over 26 years. Some of the startling food price […]

Challenging the Chicken Bylaws

The challenge of Urban Chickens makes regular appearances on the national newspaper circuit. The most recent is another New York Times article – this one about the City of New Haven, where some residents are just plain baffled by the fact that the zoning bylaw prohibits keeping chickens. “It seems extraordinary to me that you […]

Food Supply Accountability

Consumers have come to rely heavily on government regulation for a level of accountability inn the food supply system. We have become extremely removed from the source of food. I think that is part of the reason why farmers markets, local food CSAs, (such as the Creston Grain Community Supported Agriculture project that we are part of).

BSC2009 – Food Security – Herb Barbolet

Herb, who I first heard at the Future of Foods for the Kootenays Conference in Nelson in the Fall of 2007 ditched the PowerPoint and went with an interactive format “presentation” to a standing room only crowd. Coming from the states just as the Agricultural Land Reserve legislation was coming into effect, (mid 70’s).  The […]

A Letter to the City of Castlegar

We have written another letter to Castlegar City Council. This one addresses our concerns regarding the planning and sustainability of the City and suggests 14 action points that can be commenced in the short-term to improve the viability of Castlegar in the long-term, for the full letter click here, otherwise, enjoy the fourteen action points below.

Canadian Mainstream Reactions to Peak Oil

Image by ~~ zorro ~~ via Flickr The Toronto Star ran two pieces today that relate to peak oil and preparedness. There is a bit of sensationalism going on in one of the articles, but most interesting is the response in the comments, here are links to the articles… While panic is not the prescription, […]

Reinventing Primary Resource Towns

Similar to many communities in the Kootenays, there are towns across North America that are facing tough decisions on their long term survivalbility in the changes that a global economy has enforced. Some communities are going for the local “eco” or tourism based experience market, and there have been some successes in the short term […]