The Humble Blueberry

So after my last post, which I admit was a little depressing – sometimes these things need to be stated though – I thought I’d cheer things up a bit with a photo. Our species has come a long way from the times of hunting and gathering for survival, we have almost all of the […]

Gardening Update June 2010

Image by urbanworkbench via Flickr As I sit in my home office looking out across the garden at the lightening playing off the mountain range, I pondered what to write. I know that I have slowed down over the past month or so, adn that the posts have been fairly serious and heavy in nature. […]

Preserving the Harvest

Food means survival. Our ancestors knew this, they spent much of the year working in fields or gardens growing food for the household. The shift from self-reliance to consumerism has been recent in the history of humanity, to the point where whole Cities are thousands of miles removed from the majority of food that is […]