Carbon Capture & Storage Viability Questioned

Now why doesn’t this surprise me? The document from Houston University claims that governments wanting to use Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) have overestimated its value and says it would take a reservoir the size of a small US state to hold the CO2 produced by one power station. Previous modelling has hugely underestimated the […]

The Age of Accommodation

George Monbiot pauses to consider the age we live in: The summit’s premise is that the age of heroism is over. We have entered the age of accomodation. No longer may we live without restraint. No longer may we swing our fists regardless of whose nose might be in the way. In everything we do […]

Canada – The Fat Cat

I wish I was artistic, sometimes the medium used conveys a message better than words. Franke James has said it better than I could. Check out the visual essay here. She ends the post with the following plea: If you’re a Canadian reading this, here’s the action plan from CLIMATE ACTION NETWORK CANADA: Take action to […]

The Missing Number – Peak Oil

There is a sizable community of energy pundits who, after reviewing oil production records, believe that world oil production peaked last year (2008) at 81.73 million barrels of oil per day. Many in this community follow the discussion at a site called The Oil Drum, where no topic is off limits – as long as it relates to energy future, which if you haven’t worked out yet, just about everything we do or touch exists because of cheap abundant energy. Unfortunately, this number and the impacts on society, culture, the economy and development are being ignored by the media and the general population.

Earth Hour

The City of Castlegar has shown its support for Earth Hour this week in their Regular Council Meeting- Earth Hour 2009 is dubbed the election between the Earth and Global Warming. It all began in Sydney Australia in 2007 and has spread to become a global initiative to raise awareness of climate change and issues […]

BSC2009 – Nature, Surprise and Delusional (Wo)Man – Bill Rees

Bill Rees from the UBC school of Community and Regional Planning is a co-author of the book, “Our Ecological Footprint”. There is a problem Humans evolved to think in simple linear ways, in terms of direct cause and effect. But most situations in nature respond to human intervention in complex ways. Humans think that whatever […]

BioFuels and Global Warming

We recently posted an article about global warming showing the average temperatures in 2008 across the globe. Whether or not we agree that this was caused by human interference in the atmosphere, it is clear that some things we do can help or hinder the process of attempting to stabilize the climate. Replacing fossil fuels with biofuels sounds like a good idea to calm down the Peak Oil folks, but it will just heat up the debate in the Climate Change camp…

Global Warming Stories

In researching for our talk (in just over a week), I’ve been looking for some detailed images of recent research. One of the best images explaining the warming trends we are facing comes from the Earth Observatory page run by NASA. Click on the image to see a full size version. 2008 Global Temperature : […]