Google Street View Now in the Kootenays

The Street View is only available on the Highways throughout the West Kootenays, but in larger centres such as Kelowna, Spokane, WA and Cranbrook, (as well as all the big cities), all streets have been photographed and input into the software.

Tungle – the Scheduling Lifesaver

Image by [ r ? c e y t ? y ] {I br?ke for bokeh} via Flickr If you’d seen my desk lately, you’d understand how I feel about organization – I need it, but it doesn’t come easy. I’ve written previously about Xobni, another Outlook addin that helps sift through email madness, now […]

Defining Patriarchal Gentrification

In a recent blog post, I used the phrase, “It is gentrified patriarchal resistance that prevents local resilience”. I was challenged that this was possibly the use of language as an obstruction, just using big words to be grandiose or something. To be fair, these are big words, and although these words are not common […]

Blast From the Past – Electrified Roads

Google Books has just recently included the ability to search through a number of magazines, and while perusing the offerings, I came across this article from August 1990 about electrified roads. The premise being that it works for slot cars, so why not real cars? [ad#125-right]This was dreamt up in sunny California, and it obviously […]