Big Data in the Local Government Sector

Data is all around us, and all but the most cynical of us assume, probably naively, that the organizations we rely on, whether banks, businesses, schools or governments are optimizing the use of the information they have available. But the reality is that in most industries we’re just scraping the surface of what’s available. Is […]

Expectation or Entitlement

In light of the upcoming referendum for the Castlegar Rec Centre Expansion Project, I thought I’d play an audio excerpt from CBC that articulates many of the conflicting circumstances that add complexity to the decisions that governments make regarding money and funding projects. The excerpt, an intro to a CBC Ideas program aired in May […]

Castlegar Budget 2010

The City of Castlegar is preparing to pass a budget and five year financial plan that indicates spending on new infrastructure to the Airport lands of approximately $4.2 million for water and $1.6 million for sewer over the next two years. This is money that is coming out of the water and sewer funds respectively […]