Preparedness and Possibiilities

The media madness and hype has whirled around the topics of peak oil and peak energy – there have been the deniers, and apparently any argument that goes against the mainstream business as usual case needs to have it’s fair share of deniers. More power to them, freedom of speech and all that. But what […]

Oil Removes the Toil – Sustainability in Castlegar

“Oil Removes the Toil” is the reason why mediocre businessmen can live like kings, even blue-collar workers sip lattes made from shade grown organic coffee beans grown in some far away jungle and drive SUV’s and pickups with 350 horsepower engines. Just think about what that means – the engine, fueled with oil, is equivalent to the pullling power of 350 horses.

Community Energy and Emissions Inventory for BC

British Columbia has recently released the draft of the Province-wide community level Energy and Emissions Inventory. This is the first example of a large scale community-wide inventory in North America. This supports the commitment of communities under the Climate Action Charter to Measure and Report Community Green House Gas Emissions, and to develop targets, policies […]

BSC2009 – Nature, Surprise and Delusional (Wo)Man – Bill Rees

Bill Rees from the UBC school of Community and Regional Planning is a co-author of the book, “Our Ecological Footprint”. There is a problem Humans evolved to think in simple linear ways, in terms of direct cause and effect. But most situations in nature respond to human intervention in complex ways. Humans think that whatever […]

A Letter to the City of Castlegar

We have written another letter to Castlegar City Council. This one addresses our concerns regarding the planning and sustainability of the City and suggests 14 action points that can be commenced in the short-term to improve the viability of Castlegar in the long-term, for the full letter click here, otherwise, enjoy the fourteen action points below.

BioFuels and Global Warming

We recently posted an article about global warming showing the average temperatures in 2008 across the globe. Whether or not we agree that this was caused by human interference in the atmosphere, it is clear that some things we do can help or hinder the process of attempting to stabilize the climate. Replacing fossil fuels with biofuels sounds like a good idea to calm down the Peak Oil folks, but it will just heat up the debate in the Climate Change camp…