I Have Not Forgotten the Hens

Just to let my regular readers know, I haven’t forgotten about the issue of Urban Hens in Castlegar. For today’s post, I’d like to share this video from El Cerrito, California that shows some great examples of community¬†building¬†around a family’s chickens. Castlegar City council has chosen to not pursue the issue, instead relying on the […]

Chickens in Vancouver

A good day for Urban Chicken supporters in British Columbia: The City of Vancouver has moved one step closer to allowing urban chicken coops in residential backyards. Councillors voted unanimously on Thursday night to direct staff to study the issue and draft a bylaw amendment. City staff will take a few months to look at […]

Yard Fresh Eggs

We had a discussion at work about fresh local eggs. One comment made was that some people prefer not knowing “where the eggs come from”. My attitude is that eggs are so much better from free range, (sure they eat bugs and stuff), and they are so much better for you too… Image by Dystopos […]