Road Load Limits

The BC Ministry of Transportation has recently started a blog, following in the footsteps of others, like, "The Fastlaneā€, the blog of the US Secretary for Transportation, Ray laHood. One of my favourite recent posts shows the importance of following spring road limits, with these two photos (click on the photos for a link to […]

Google Street View Now in the Kootenays

The Street View is only available on the Highways throughout the West Kootenays, but in larger centres such as Kelowna, Spokane, WA and Cranbrook, (as well as all the big cities), all streets have been photographed and input into the software.

Did I Miss the Future?

To heck with the current range of Stimulus Spending programs, this video plans out the future we were promised but never received. The only part of the whole vision we truly received was this: the shape of our cities will change as expanded highway transportation decentralizes our population centers into vast urban areas This Disney […]