Environment Canada Press Release – It’s a Fake!

Even the Wall Street Journal was fooled, (or did they create it?) An apparent press release from the Canadian Minister for the Environment Jim Prentice was posted at http://enviro-canada.ca/agenda2020 see pdf here. “Today the G77 has again made their voice very clear,” said Jim Prentice, Canada’s Minister for the Environment. “This policy is our answer. […]

BSC2009 – Nature, Surprise and Delusional (Wo)Man – Bill Rees

Bill Rees from the UBC school of Community and Regional Planning is a co-author of the book, “Our Ecological Footprint”. There is a problem Humans evolved to think in simple linear ways, in terms of direct cause and effect. But most situations in nature respond to human intervention in complex ways. Humans think that whatever […]