Castlegar and the Art of Happy Motoring

With a very long landform, Castlegar is drawn out from a rural downtown in the North, through semi-commercial zones and strip malls, past seniors housing complexes, standalone restaurants isolated from the street front by parking lagoons, more strip malls, tire centers, car parts, car yards, gas stations, car washes, more strip malls, fast food outlets complete with drivethroughs, railway crossings,  highway interchanges, complete with overpasses and a UFO-like cloverleaf which just complicates traffic patterns to the point of madness for visitors.

BSC2009 – Radiant City – the Movie

Cover of Radiant City Movie night at the Building Sustainable Communities Conference kicked off with the film “Radiant City”, a comical documentary about the suburbs – using Calgary as a great example of the sprawling subdivisions landlocked by freeways, fences and sound attenuation barriers. A surprise for me in this movie was the use of […]

Looking Backward and Looking to the Future

Image by mikebaird via FlickrT Today is an exciting day for Americans, a new President, almost a new outlook on life. The inauguration yesterday inspired me to do some thinking about the past and the future on a personal level. I’ve been blogging for over 5 years now on various topics, and UrbanWorkbench, as so […]

Prozac Anyone? – Kunstler’s Predictions for 2009

After yesterday’s prediction from a Russian Professor that the US is going to cllapse, split and fall into disarray, I thought I’d cheer things up a bit with James Howard Kunstler’s predictions for 2009… By May of 2009, the stock markets will resume crashing with the ultimate destination of a Dow 4000 before the end […]

A Cloud Over Their Heads

I should be more hopeful, I guess, for a smooth transition to alternative fuels and a sustainable planet, if such a thing is at all possible. I’ve got two kids you see, and they’re just young, almost innocent on a good day. They are certainly innocent from understanding exactly what it is that previous generations […]