Kelowna Capital Works

The City of Kelowna has gone interactive with it’s presentation of Capital Works for 2009. This is a novel means of disseminating a large amount of information in a graphical form. I’d say that it is one of the best examples of a public works department adopting new internet technologies in a useful way to […]

Sustainability in Castlegar?

we wrote a letter to the City asking for some consideration of peak oil, climate change and the economy and the effect that these scenarios may have on the long term sustainabilty of the community. These should be reflected in the budget, planning, bylaws and policies of the City as well as finding ways to invovle the community.

BSC2009 – Conference Wrapup

Over the past couple of days, I’ve attended the Building Sustainable Communities Conference held in Kelowna with a couple of hundred other people, predominantly from around British Columbia, but also from as far away as Sweden. I covered the contents of many of the sessions in posts that can be found here. These were my […]

Building Sustainable Communities Conference

If you are attending the Building Sustainable Communities Conference 2009 and taking photos (uploaded to flickr), bookmarking (on delicious) blogging or twittering, please use the tag BSC2009 so we can keep up to date with each others posts. Follow me on Twitter too. Next week is going to be a little different as I’m away […]