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Castlegar and the Art of Happy Motoring

With a very long landform, Castlegar is drawn out from a rural downtown in the North, through semi-commercial zones and strip malls, past seniors housing complexes, standalone restaurants isolated from the street front by parking lagoons, more strip malls, tire centers, car parts, car yards, gas stations, car washes, more strip malls, fast food outlets complete with drivethroughs, railway crossings,  highway interchanges, complete with overpasses and a UFO-like cloverleaf which just complicates traffic patterns to the point of madness for visitors.

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The Glory Days of Paddle Steamers

There is something magical about the churning of water as the paddle steamer leaves the dock, as the inertia is overcome and forward momentum takes over. These boats were well appointed classy vessels, pieces of art in operation, living proof that form and function can coexist. Unlike moden ferries, the working parts were exposed, the […]

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