Lean Local Economies

Image via Wikipedia There is a knack to saying things that people don’t want to hear, and still sounding intelligent. Most people who have an interest in the economy want a few mostly obvious things: for their stocks to keep increasing in value for whatever they want to be conveniently available at a reasonable price […]

Prosperity Without Growth – Report

Image by Paolo M├árgari – paolomargari.it via Flickr It seems impossible to imagine a world without growth. Most of us sit here at the start of the 21st century knowing little other than a model of growth, with minor blips of recession occurring at semi regular intervals – just often enough to remind us that […]

High Unemployment and Farming

The stories of the great depression still seem far away for most of us in North America, sure there are housing foreclosures, but breadlines?Rising alcoholism? Families sharing houses? Is this North America?

Thousands of Stores to Close in 2009

When CNN Money posts a story like this, it justifies much of what I and other realists and proponents of change have been saying… The ugly sales year that was 2008 will haunt U.S. retailers in 2009, with industry experts warning that disastrous holiday sales will spark a domino effect of store closures and bankruptcy […]