Big Data in the Local Government Sector

Data is all around us, and all but the most cynical of us assume, probably naively, that the organizations we rely on, whether banks, businesses, schools or governments are optimizing the use of the information they have available. But the reality is that in most industries we’re just scraping the surface of what’s available. Is […]

High Paying Government Jobs

I work for a small municipality in rural BC and on reading articles like this, I understand the outrage of many Americans toward the bloat and excess of their government structure, particularly when the private sector and individual households are struggling. Only one city employee had a base salary topping $300,000. Nathaniel Ford, executive director […]

BC’s Agricultural Plan and Local Food

Image via Wikipedia Flipping through the British Columbia Agriculture Plan, which is a beautifully presented document by the way, I was struck by one paragraph and how little has been achieved on this front, either through policy, or other means… We will also work with community and farm groups and local governments to help facilitation […]

Defining Patriarchal Gentrification

In a recent blog post, I used the phrase, “It is gentrified patriarchal resistance that prevents local resilience”. I was challenged that this was possibly the use of language as an obstruction, just using big words to be grandiose or something. To be fair, these are big words, and although these words are not common […]

Castlegar Caught in the Middle

To catch everyone up on the story, Celgar, a subsidiary of Mercer International, runs the pulp mill locoated way out on the north western extremity of the City’s boundary, alongside the now closed Interfor lumber mill on the banks of the Columbia River at Hugh Keenlyside Dam.

Chicken Week in Castlegar

As many of you know, the topic of Chickens in Castlegar has been on my mind for some time now. Well this week, on Wednesday, 6th of May at 7pm, Castlegar City Council is going to hold a public input session on the issue of urban hens as pets and for the production of eggs. […]

BSC2009 – Facilitating Sustainable Agriculture – Part 2

Planning for Agricultural Success Strengthening Farming Program Plan initiated in 1996 to facilitate local government support of agriculture. Agricultural Area Plan Provide policies and bylaws for municipalities raises awareness of agriculture build community support for farming 26 plans and strategies completed in BC since 1992, 16 plans underway Who’s involved Farmers Agribusiness Community food action […]

BSC2009 – Facilitating Sustainable Agriculture – Part 1

Food for thought: Local Government Action for Food Secure Communities The document “A Seat at the Table” is intended to empower municipalities to take control of their food security. The presentation this afternoon is co-presented by Provincial Health, the Village of Hazelton and Kamloops Food Policy Council. Local Economy Connect consumers to suppliers food dollars […]