BC Ministry Official States that Peak Oil is Not a Matter of Public Interest

A representative of the BC Ministry of Transportation recently asserted, “the topic of peak oil is interesting, but is not considered to be of public interest in British Columbia”.

The Fight for Peak Oil Information

In my quest for information on Peak Oil from the British Columbia Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure, another roadblock (no pun intended) has been thrown in front of my adventure. Apparently I need to know the title of the documents I’m requesting under Freedom of Information to get the fee waived – not just a […]

Peak Oil and the Ministry of Transportation

This week I received a response to my Freedom of Information request to the Ministry of Transportation in British Columbia. My request read: Under the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act, I am requesting information including Ministry staff and/or consultant reports, Ministerial briefings, memorandums, emails, or other records on the topic of peak […]