Lean Local Economies

Image via Wikipedia There is a knack to saying things that people don’t want to hear, and still sounding intelligent. Most people who have an interest in the economy want a few mostly obvious things: for their stocks to keep increasing in value for whatever they want to be conveniently available at a reasonable price […]

The Infrastructure Game

Last week the Province of British Columbia announced that the Coquilhalla, (previously the only toll road in BC), was to become toll free. As if this doesn’t sound like a pre-election ploy to build popularity… BCLocalNews.com – Community News Papers from across BC Online “Removing the tolls on the Coquihalla Highway puts money back in […]

Infrastructure and the Current Financial Situation

Infrastructure authorities around America are scrambling for funds in the wake of the current financial turmoil. The bond market is off limits to cities, states and other local governments, forcing authorities to make some tough choices… Maine had already begun some of its road work when the bond markets stopped functioning, so now it is […]