The Disaster Management Simulator

This week we learnt that the Fukishima disaster was man made. Not just that it involved a nuclear reactor, but the underlying culture, decision making process and lack of disaster experience all contributed to the extent of the disaster. It “could and should have been foreseen and prevented. And its effects could have been mitigated […]

The Future of Potholes

It’s around this time of year that the potholes start to open up again around the Kootenays and probably must of  North America. These troublesome portals into the underworld appear most commonly either; at points of high stress in the road surface, or at points of structural weakness that are exploited by water. With the […]

Castlegar Springs

The Grade-A services we enjoy in Castlegar from the library, water, sewer, streets and sidewalks, right through to the snow clearing operation comes with a hefty price tag. There is an indication out there that we are about to find this out, either through reduced services or increased taxes, as council balances a shift of taxes away from the industrial tax base, predominantly funded by the Celgar pulp mill.

Peak Oil Decision Making

“Every decision made in any level of government should aim to reduce the use of fossil fuels and energy in general, rather than increase them”. Would it even be possible to implement and follow a policy such as this? It seems that whatever we do these days, it involves a lot of money, equipment, and […]

Recession? What Recession? Let’s hear you say Recovery!

The media reporting on the state of the TSX is pitiful. Daily we hear either that it is rallying, or that some commodity or other is to blame for a slump. And every day, the pundits are able to tell another story, spin out another reason to bet your savings against the promise of growth. But the general feeling in the news rooms seems to be that the recession is over – don’t mix this up with unbridled optimism in the general public though. Governments would have to be getting nervous as their budgets show red for years to come, and the need to spend our way out of this mess is ingrained deeper with every cheque that is signed.

Chicken Week in Castlegar

As many of you know, the topic of Chickens in Castlegar has been on my mind for some time now. Well this week, on Wednesday, 6th of May at 7pm, Castlegar City Council is going to hold a public input session on the issue of urban hens as pets and for the production of eggs. […]

Kelowna Capital Works

The City of Kelowna has gone interactive with it’s presentation of Capital Works for 2009. This is a novel means of disseminating a large amount of information in a graphical form. I’d say that it is one of the best examples of a public works department adopting new internet technologies in a useful way to […]

The Infrastructure Game

Last week the Province of British Columbia announced that the Coquilhalla, (previously the only toll road in BC), was to become toll free. As if this doesn’t sound like a pre-election ploy to build popularity… – Community News Papers from across BC Online “Removing the tolls on the Coquihalla Highway puts money back in […]