Peak Oil Vignette 4 – Summer Harvest

I straightened up from the soothing task of weeding the rows of baby carrots, rubbing my back as I watched my daughter perched high in the peach tree across the yard. She was meticulous in easing the plump ripe fruit off the branches, gently shooing away the yellowjackets when necessary, obviously drawn to the sweet […]

Peak Oil Vignette 3 – River Traders

He walked through the hazy morning sunshine, the dew seeping into the toes of his well-worn shoes. Some of the others were already lined up waiting for the shutters to open and the auction to begin. Most of them were here last night trying to get a glimpse of the goods as they were transferred […]

Petro-gate – Starring Canada

Canada has a lot to lose from the possible global decisions being made in Copenhagen over the next few weeks – and most of it revolves around oil and natural gas reserves that are being exploited in Northern Alberta.

The Youth and the Future

On Saturday night I curled, that’s a who ‘nother story that I might share some time, how an Aussie ends up in a competition to through a 44 pound hunk of granite down a bumpy sheet of ice at a bulls-eye painted on the ice. But while I was curling, there was a game underway next to us that was the model of intergenerational recreation.

Peak Oil Decision Making

“Every decision made in any level of government should aim to reduce the use of fossil fuels and energy in general, rather than increase them”. Would it even be possible to implement and follow a policy such as this? It seems that whatever we do these days, it involves a lot of money, equipment, and […]

Preparedness and Possibiilities

The media madness and hype has whirled around the topics of peak oil and peak energy – there have been the deniers, and apparently any argument that goes against the mainstream business as usual case needs to have it’s fair share of deniers. More power to them, freedom of speech and all that. But what […]