Bees in Burnaby and Bylaws

As a follow up to my Thursday post on Urban beekeeping, a Burnaby woman has successfully petitioned council to remove a prohibition of bees from the bylaws. Odds & sods: Loose lips, bees knees, a squat is jerked Rather than see her hives destroyed, she had a prominent local commercial apiarist, John Gibeau, speak to […]

Canada’s Sub-Prime Situation and Peak Oil

While the following article represents some of the least investigative of all investigative journalism that I’ve had the pleasure of reading in recent months, it does raise a question – how much risk is Canada’s real estate market really at in this global crisis? Canada’s dirty subprime secret Since the subprime mortgage meltdown in […]

BSC2009 – Permaculture – Jesse Lemieux

Jesse Lemieux, now living on Denman Island is a Permaculture educator who has been engaged in Permaculture principles around the globe. His presentation at the Building Sustainable Communities Conference was a primer on Permacultur, the reasons and means to make a difference in sustainable design of human settlemtn and the relationship to the environment and […]

Giving Green a Bad Name

Am I just a grumpy old man? At 33 I’m not sure what is giving me a case of the grumpy’s today, but the distinct lack of understanding that being a consumer inherently means that you are probably not green, and lists of ways to be greener that tell you to stop using staples are […]