First Impressions – The Ripple Effect

Sometimes I read for pleasure, but often my reading takes me on a journey ranging from pain, frustration, through to a cathartic release of anger at how stupid we are sometimes. While reading can be an escape from the mundane moments of life, some books remind me to look closer at the people around me, […]

Local Food Banks

In the past couple of days I’ve received two emails regarding the level of supplies at local food banks in the Kootenays. These organizations fill in the gap between government assistance and a diet that is healthy, and are usually staffed by volunteers and supplied through donations. The Kerr Apartment fire in Nelson likely drained […]

Projecting the Future for Civil Society

I’m slowly whittling my way through the pile of great books on my desk, I haven’t done a book review for a while, so here goes. Survival + is 390 pages of well reasoned thoughts on the economy, resource depletion, climate change and how these things are likely to impact your household, communities and the […]

Now Let’s All Just Pretend That Everything Is Good…

The suspension of disbelief required to have continued faith in the status quo, is becoming more difficult to justify with every passing day. News headlines proclaiming strength in financial markets conveniently smooth over the possible wrinkles in the theories, inherent instabilities in growth projections, the shuffling of funny money assets to create an appearance of profit.

Mainstream Transition

I featured the NYTimes piece on Sandpoint Idaho and its Transition Initiative a couple of days ago, how about an article in Elle Magazine about a journalist’s journey into the transition… A new movement’s advice on being psychologically and economically resilient – Learn how to be resilient in today’s economy Everywhere I looked I began […]

US Recovery Plans

Image via Wikipedia The New York Times has an excellent rundown of Obama’s Financial Recovery plans… Several hundred billion dollars could go to states and cities to finance public works and subsidize their health and education programs so that local governments do not have to raise taxes and cut essential programs, steps that would be […]