Transit Resiliency

I am a big advocate of having alternative modes of transport, after all motor vehicles are an expensive* and dirty mode of transport that we have historically given too much influence to in the design of our cities. I believe that the value of a dwelling, particularly in an urban setting, is relative to its …


The automobile is king in this town, I was reminded of this, as, for the second time in a month a local paper features a large spread about the local car dealers. This time it refers to the opening of a new Hyundai dealership by Craig and Keith Kalawsky. The last big article was about …

Castlegar and the Art of Happy Motoring

With a very long landform, Castlegar is drawn out from a rural downtown in the North, through semi-commercial zones and strip malls, past seniors housing complexes, standalone restaurants isolated from the street front by parking lagoons, more strip malls, tire centers, car parts, car yards, gas stations, car washes, more strip malls, fast food outlets complete with drivethroughs, railway crossings,  highway interchanges, complete with overpasses and a UFO-like cloverleaf which just complicates traffic patterns to the point of madness for visitors.

Vehicle Choices

I’m in the process of dissecting the Community Energy and Emissions Data for Rossland, and from a short three page summary, it is clear that there are a lot of learning experiences available for public information. The first one that is important is the choice of vehicle. Around the Kootenays, more than half of the vehicles on the road or trucks, vans or SUVs. People cite the snow, the need to carry heavy goods, safety, or comfort as important reasons for their choice of vehicle.But as with most places, these vehicles rarely get used to their capacity, or more ridiculously, in winter, are used to haul snowmobiles around on the back for days on end.

A Letter to the City of Castlegar

We have written another letter to Castlegar City Council. This one addresses our concerns regarding the planning and sustainability of the City and suggests 14 action points that can be commenced in the short-term to improve the viability of Castlegar in the long-term, for the full letter click here, otherwise, enjoy the fourteen action points below.

Hawaii E-Line

Some news items are bound to surprise. Hawaii hardly seems the type of place where people would be queuing up for a rail transit line, but in a referendum question, 52% of the voters supported the 20-mile project, aimed at reducing traffic congestion… Rail rolls to victory on ballot – News – Oahu residents …