Fall and Falling Prices?

Image via Wikipedia As we slide toward Fall, out of the shimmering mirage days of summer, there is a lot of talk out there about housing prices in Canada – and none of it is real good. Interestingly, there is less of an attempt to put a positive spin on things from the Real Estate […]

Reality Kootenay Style

This week I’ve encountered a few people who have high hopes for the future in this region, such high hopes in fact that I have to disagree, I don’t want to sound like a downer, but I like to season my arguments with a fair does of reality. While there aren’t too many places I’d […]

Municipalities on the Front Line of the Economy

While the Federal Governments in the US and Canada throw stimulus money to the wind, the Municipalities are on the front line of debt, foreclosures and real service cuts. Here’s a sample of my reading list from this week on this topic.

BC Housing Market Freeze

Image via Wikipedia It is interesting to see “business as usual”  quotes like these popping up from people who’s whole business has been based on expendable income, cheap fuel, and demand for new housing in cities. At a recent Urban Development Institute event focused on forecasting the future, developers Rob Macdonald and Michael Audain were […]

The Economy – Is it as bad as it looks?

[ad#200-left]People have argued with me as to the severity of the current economic situation. Browsing the business pages of the New York Times today, it is evident that there is a global scare on right now. This by itself does not suggest that things can’t return to “normal”, but when taken in concert with other […]

Reuse of Big Box Stores

One of the obvious fatalities in The Long Emergency is the Big Box style of store. These stores and the parking lagoons that surround them are features of the suburban North American landscape that make cities un-walkable and unsustainable. Sure, we love the prices, but the ethics and destruction of local commerce make some people […]

Secondary Suites for Condos

In a genius marketing move that should assist in the long term flexibility and sustainability of the condo form of housing, studio suites, or “mortgage helpers” are being planned for condos… Vancouver condo marketer Bob Rennie as well as former chief city planner Larry Beasley, have both suggested that perhaps condominiums need “secondary suites” or […]