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Trout Trickery

Fly fishing is more than a past-time, it offers the purveyor an opportunity to humble oneself in nature, pitting themselves against a quarry with a pea-sized brain, and often returning with little more than stories of the beautiful scenery. There have been days fishing where the magic of the moment has been indescribable, one in particular my wife […]

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Seasons Come and Go

This weekend I took my sister for a walk along the lovely Waldie Island Trail on the Brilliant side of the Columbia River in Castlegar. This time of year, the colours are stunning along the trail if you can get a sunny day. Although a beautiful trail, it also represents an historical site for the […]

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Ice Safety

As an engineer for a municipality in British Columbia, you get some pretty funny requests for assistance. Assuming the lakes freeze up over the next month, Rossland is hosting the annual Canadian Western Regional Pond Hockey Championships in January. Several of the ponds are going to be man-made, but there are hopes of using some […]

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