BSC2009 – Growing a Sustainable Economy – Coro Strandberg

Coro Strandberg presented the corporate and institutional sustainability perspective to the conference delegates of the Building Sustainable Communities Conference. Drivers of the New Economy Government Supply Chain Consumers Board Governance Employers Sustainable Governance Good governance = sustainable governance Three types of boards Strategic, compensation, risk analysis, reporting Sustainable Investment Mainstreaming of Socially Responsible Investment Niche […]

Commercial Recycling

Update: The New York Times featured an excellent article on the current situation with recycling in North America, profiling a number of recycling companies… A sign at the office of North Shore Recycled Fibers tells clients of a new policy: instead of paying for cardboard, the company will charge a penny a pound to accept […]

Recycling Marketables

Since the time when Western countries started shipping off all manufacturing industries offshore (or even jsut across the country), packaging and the ability to recycle goods has been an issue. Some of my readers may remember milk delivered by the dairy farmer, or pop delivered by a local producer – those days are long gone, […]