Lean Local Economies

Image via Wikipedia There is a knack to saying things that people don’t want to hear, and still sounding intelligent. Most people who have an interest in the economy want a few mostly obvious things: for their stocks to keep increasing in value for whatever they want to be conveniently available at a reasonable price […]

Food Supply Accountability

Consumers have come to rely heavily on government regulation for a level of accountability inn the food supply system. We have become extremely removed from the source of food. I think that is part of the reason why farmers markets, local food CSAs, (such as the Creston Grain Community Supported Agriculture project that we are part of).

Reinventing Primary Resource Towns

Similar to many communities in the Kootenays, there are towns across North America that are facing tough decisions on their long term survivalbility in the changes that a global economy has enforced. Some communities are going for the local “eco” or tourism based experience market, and there have been some successes in the short term […]