Municipal Risk Management

A recent BC court case confirmed my belief that inadequate design should not be managed with "cover your ass" signage. Some of the quotes below serve as an excellent case study for understanding the relationship between a municipal engineering design, the designer and the municipality regarding safety and risk management. The case, Lovely v Kamloops […]

Variables and Risk

Identify the variables that pose the greatest risk of failure for the project and develop contingency plans for them. Sometimes the best option is to remove the variable altogether, (make it an external issue – outsource it, so it is someone else’s problem to manage), other times the risk can be managed by internal policies […]

BSC2009 – Sustainability Trends in Primary Agriculture – Steve Thompson

Steve Thompson from the BC Agriculture Council (BCAC) speaks from a position of representing 12,000 producers and 90% of farm cash receipts in BC.  BCAC aims for a collective set of policies that represent organic, non-organic, large, small producers to assist in provincial agricultural sustainability. Agriculture needs to be a solution provider to sustainability, here […]