Peak Oil Vignette 7 -The College

The community had always just assumed that there would be a college in town. It had been a feature of the local economy since its construction and grand opening in 1967 with many of the local kids starting or completing their studies in the institution, and many more young adults travelling from far and wide […]

Castlegar’s Community Workshop on Sustainability

Robyn and I were invited to participate in the beginnings of the Sustainability Process for the City of Castlegar, with about twenty other community members. With three focus groups formed to look at social, environmental and economic issues and solutions, two hours were dedicated to answering a couple fo questions on these topics in the small groups. I was on the economic focus group with members of the business community and some leaders from Selkirk College. Robyn was on the Environmental focus group, with community leaders in the environmental field. Overall, the groups seemed well matched to answer the questions of community sustainability.

Sustainability Presentation – Selkirk College

The slides and mind map of our recent presentation to staff of Selkirk College entitled, “Sustainability or Survival – the future of life in the Kootenays” can be downloaded here. I will update these links this weekend! Sustainability_Presentation_-_Slides Sustainability_Presentation_-_Map1 This was a lot of fun and gave us an opportunity to challenge a few people […]

Peak Oil Transitions

My wife Robyn and I have been asked to speak at a professional development day in February for Selkirk College staff and faculty. The general theme for talks was sustainability, and we’ve proposed a talk entitled, “Sustainability or Survival” aiming to present the facts about climate change, peak oil, and the economy; and outline the […]