Changing Cultural Needs

Visit any great city or centre of learning, and one of the focal points of culture and knowledge is the library. Considering that statistically, one in four Americans didn’t read any books last year, it is not surprising that the question of the cultural relevance and future strategy of libraries is being questioned by some. […]

April Fools

In the words of Seth Godin… Seth’s Blog: Exceeding expectations (or don’t bother) I couldn’t exceed my (or your) expectations, so I posted nothing. However, I was impressed with this article… Mayor unleashes goat program At a backyard press conference at city hall, Robertson, who made environmentalism a key component of his successful 2008 civic […]

The Impending Psychological Avalanche

A “psychological avalanche” of unimaginable, global proportions is dawning on us. We have woken to a new reality, one where the future of the economy, commerce, food security and transportation are likely to be radically different. Seth Godin points out how much time and effort is expended in dealing with the immediate issues of the […]