The Cumulative Effects of Obstructive Complexity

Cumulative effects are very important. I shared the following article with my wife Robyn this week, and she shared many of the same frustrations as Scott just that very night at the local supermarket. Yogurt in multiple aisles, the loyalty cards, the self check out… When I’m ready to pay, I see long lines at the human […]

Moo Products – 10% off Promo Code

Get 10% off your next Moo Card order here. I love my Moo Cards. Every time I hand them out there are lots of ooo’s and ahhh’s at the selection of photos, and people can pick their favourite from a selection. Moo has a bunch of great products: business cards, postcards, stickers, greeting cards, we’ve […]

No Frills Castlegar

The people of Castlegar are getting a new supermarket. Extra Foods has been the anchor of the Mall at Columbia and 15th for years, and since Shoppers abandoned ship and moved, it has been the main reason that people have frequented the mall. Enter No Frills Still part of the Loblaws chain of supermarkets, there […]

The World’s Best Travel Mug

I seem to have a thing for travel mugs. I’ve had my favourites over the years, but the most amazing coffee mug I have owned thus far has to be this beauty from Contigo. I drink my coffee pretty slowly, and don’t like to reheat. The Contigo mug has a patented auto-seal lid, that apart […]

Distracted By Plastic Bags

As the financial system tailspins and sputters about and the Canadian government assures us that the Tar Sands are good for the nation; I’m reminded just how much of the everyday news we receive is marketing spin. And unfortunately the greenies are just as distracted by it as many other people. Words such as sustainable, “good for the environment”, and worst of them all, “green” are popping up on products made by companies who’s CEO’s must have a hard time looking in the mirror. Ultimately, we are being marketed a picture of a choice, and in many instances, the products we’re purchasing are still made by workers in near slave-like conditions, overpackaged, overpriced, and surrounded by false claims and advertising catchwords.

Mainstream Transition

I featured the NYTimes piece on Sandpoint Idaho and its Transition Initiative a couple of days ago, how about an article in Elle Magazine about a journalist’s journey into the transition… A new movement’s advice on being psychologically and economically resilient – Learn how to be resilient in today’s economy Everywhere I looked I began […]

Saving Seeds

This weekend, my wife attended a seed saving workshop held right here in Castlegar, the heart of Doukhabor heritage and a place of renaissance for local farming and sustainability in North America. Interestingly, the source of many of the seeds we grow in our garden, Dan Jason, from Salt Spring Seeds was interviewed for a […]