Defining Patriarchal Gentrification

In a recent blog post, I used the phrase, “It is gentrified patriarchal resistance that prevents local resilience”. I was challenged that this was possibly the use of language as an obstruction, just using big words to be grandiose or something. To be fair, these are big words, and although these words are not common […]

Kootenay Grain Community Supported Agriculture

The following post was written by my wife Robyn, hopefully we’ll see more posts on her perspective of local food and sustainability. Looking forward to the harvest… As I gaze across my flourishing garden my mouth begins to water as I imagine the taste of buttery-baked buttercup squash on a cold winter evening.   I ponder […]

Futurists For Change

What word do you use to describe yourself? I’m involved in so many things that look to future sustainability, but there is no descriptor such as sustainabologist or sustainologist in common use in the English language – Jack Harich’s page linked above is a notable exception. I’ve been thinking that perhaps the term futurist is a better word to describe those of us that are involved in the future of more than just the discrete realms of planning, engineering, sociology, economics to approach the problems of global and individual sustainability, not just looking for solutions to discreet problems but at the holistic basis for continuing life on earth.

RDCK Smart Planning Innitiative

The Regional District of Central Kootenay, in which the City of Castlegar resides is starting out on the Integrated Community Sustainability Planning path.If you are path of the communities inside the RDCK, check out the following information about the public consultation process, and at a minimum take the survey, it is about a twenty minute […]

Auto-centric Nation

The rise of the automobile was so pervasive, it has radically altered the North American landscape now and for the future – with or without cheap oil. All told, some 61,000 square miles of the United States – an area a little smaller than the Badger State – is solidly paved over, either with roads […]

Community Planning and Local Jobs

Image by jef safi via Flickr It’s not hard to make this point stick with local councils and urban planners – that local jobs, those that are inherently local form the backbone of a community’s economic future. How Your Community Can Thrive-Even in Tough Times | Project for Public Spaces (PPS) According to Soji Adelaja, […]