BSC2009 – The Sustainability of Okotoks

Why be a sustainable community? Involved connected creative community Necessity – statutory requirements of land planning Building within the environmental carrying capacity Population growth 1988 – 4,000 people 2015 30,000 people. (16% growth) Country residential fragments and expands infrastructure of all types Dwellers on the threshold A choice to be made – Planned destiny By […]

Clean Energy in Winter

So the shovelling is getting you down? Thinking about breaking down and getting one of those gas guzzling snow-blowers? Consider the plight of those who are leading the alternative fuel efforts around the northern climates. No one said change was going to be easy, but we should be able to learn things from these issues […]


I am writing this post on a state of the art machine able to transmit information across the world at the click of a button. Twenty years ago this technology was only available to people in research facilities, the military and universities – now it is ubiquitous. I can speak to family members in Australia […]