Latecomer Agreements

Under the British Columbia Local Government Act, there are several ways that a municipality can fund infrastructure that is required as a result of development. One of these is to imposes a latecomer’s charge, to be levied against all developable parcels. Essentially, the developer puts in the infrastructure and the City enters into an agreement […]

Housing Diversity

Our family has lived in some pretty diverse neighborhoods both in Canada and Australia, and typically, we’ve found that those with the highest diversity have also been the most vibrant. The idea that single family housing is the norm is a product of cheap oil and the spread of the baby boomers across the suburbs… […]

The Future of Golf

For a leisure activity/sport that underwent such a massive rise in popularity across Western countries over the past 20 years, the current financial situation has slammed the brakes on new projects, and seen a slump in memberships and appetite for golf course properties. New residential golf developments in the U.S. are few and far between, […]

Modern Ghost Towns

The rise and fall of the automobile has had some sad consequences, and this is just the beginning. All told, 51 lots went into foreclosure. Now the 28-acre Hidden Ridge subdivision really is a mirage. It’s got new lamp posts lining freshly paved cul-de-sacs. But no homes, only weeds and cockeyed, rusting for-sale signs. “They […]