Major Industry Taxes and Rural BC Communities

Over at the Castlegar Current, there is some venting over the unpaid property taxes owed the City by Mercer for the Celgar Pulp Mill site. Briefly, Celgar decided not to pay it’s property taxes and requisitions for other levels of government to the City of Castlegar by the deadline in August 2009. Now the battle is going to […]

Castlegar Caught in the Middle

To catch everyone up on the story, Celgar, a subsidiary of Mercer International, runs the pulp mill locoated way out on the north western extremity of the City’s boundary, alongside the now closed Interfor lumber mill on the banks of the Columbia River at Hugh Keenlyside Dam.

The Price of Heavy Industry

The City of Castlegar, after many years of benefiting from the Industrial Tax revenue from the Celgar Pulp Mill just upstream of the confluence of the Columbia and Kootenay Rivers, is facing a serious financial challenge. Celgar recently annouced that it was not going to pay taxes after the City responded to their request for […]

New York Loses Infrastructure Funding From Taxes

In boom times, overpaid corporate taxes are usually carried over to the next year in centers like New York, not this year according to the New York Times… New York City, grappling with the aftershocks of the global financial crisis, has been forced to refund more than $800 million to companies that overpaid their taxes […]