Looking Backward and Looking to the Future

Image by mikebaird via FlickrT Today is an exciting day for Americans, a new President, almost a new outlook on life. The inauguration yesterday inspired me to do some thinking about the past and the future on a personal level. I’ve been blogging for over 5 years now on various topics, and UrbanWorkbench, as so […]

Prozac Anyone? – Kunstler’s Predictions for 2009

After yesterday’s prediction from a Russian Professor that the US is going to cllapse, split and fall into disarray, I thought I’d cheer things up a bit with James Howard Kunstler’s predictions for 2009… By May of 2009, the stock markets will resume crashing with the ultimate destination of a Dow 4000 before the end […]

A Cloud Over Their Heads

I should be more hopeful, I guess, for a smooth transition to alternative fuels and a sustainable planet, if such a thing is at all possible. I’ve got two kids you see, and they’re just young, almost innocent on a good day. They are certainly innocent from understanding exactly what it is that previous generations […]