Transit Resiliency

I am a big advocate of having alternative modes of transport, after all motor vehicles are an expensive* and dirty mode of transport that we have historically given too much influence to in the design of our cities. I believe that the value of a dwelling, particularly in an urban setting, is relative to its […]

Hawaii E-Line

Some news items are bound to surprise. Hawaii hardly seems the type of place where people would be queuing up for a rail transit line, but in a referendum question, 52% of the voters supported the 20-mile project, aimed at reducing traffic congestion… Rail rolls to victory on ballot – News – Oahu residents […]

The Ecological Impact of Roads and Parking

Many of the people who criticize developments for destroying habitat just don’t realize the impacts that the roads that they drive on, including major highways, have on wildlife corridors. Over the past couple of decades, awareness of wildlife corridors has grown. In Australia, suspended possum crossings sway above the F3 highway north of Sydney. West […]