The Future of Infrastructure?

We speak in very real terms about the state of infrastructure deficit we find ourselves in as a nation and as municipalities, and scratch our heads as we wonder how we are going to¬†possibly¬†find the money to complete all of the upgrades or renewal required. Charles Hughes Smith, the author of Survival+: Structuring Prosperity for …

The Value of Place for Small Communities

While considering the history of Rossland, I was struck by the fact that at it’s peak population last century, there were about 6,000 people living in the mountain community, mainly because of the quantity of gold being extracted from under its feet and the surrounding mountains. Since that time, the community has waxed and waned, …

Starting the Transition

I have been writing here on UrbanWorkbench for over two and a half years now. I’ve grown a lot through this time, my ideas are more solidified, the role of technology in the future of urban planning, society and engineering is somewhat clearer in my mind than ever before, and most importantly, I know there is a community of people in Castlegar who are committed to sustainability as more than just a catchword or a set of actions we take to keep our quality of life.

Building Community

In times past, you couldn’t be an individual and live in a town or city. There wasn’t TV or the internet to distract us from the necessary task of making friends in a community. The community was the lifeboat you could trust to rescue, it was the means of commerce and service. It wasn’t just the group of people sharing a common location, it was a group of people sharing a common goal or set of ideals.

A Question of Progress – Sustainability in Castlegar

Much was said about progress, or the absence of it in Castlegar. Allowing chickens, it is feared, will return Castlegar to some time pre-1993 when the animal control bylaw was introduced. Apparently the price of progress is reduced control over our food supply and reliance on multi-national corporations to provide even the most basic product from somewhere in the world where they can convince them that they should be involved in this global economy swindle.

Mainstream Transition

I featured the NYTimes piece on Sandpoint Idaho and its Transition Initiative a couple of days ago, how about an article in Elle Magazine about a journalist’s journey into the transition… A new movement’s advice on being psychologically and economically resilient – Learn how to be resilient in today’s economy Everywhere I looked I began …

Canada’s Sub-Prime Situation and Peak Oil

While the following article represents some of the least investigative of all investigative journalism that I’ve had the pleasure of reading in recent months, it does raise a question – how much risk is Canada’s real estate market really at in this global crisis? Canada’s dirty subprime secret Since the subprime mortgage meltdown in …