BC Ministry Official States that Peak Oil is Not a Matter of Public Interest

A representative of the BC Ministry of Transportation recently asserted, “the topic of peak oil is interesting, but is not considered to be of public interest in British Columbia”.

Vehicle Choices

I’m in the process of dissecting the Community Energy and Emissions Data for Rossland, and from a short three page summary, it is clear that there are a lot of learning experiences available for public information. The first one that is important is the choice of vehicle. Around the Kootenays, more than half of the vehicles on the road or trucks, vans or SUVs. People cite the snow, the need to carry heavy goods, safety, or comfort as important reasons for their choice of vehicle.But as with most places, these vehicles rarely get used to their capacity, or more ridiculously, in winter, are used to haul snowmobiles around on the back for days on end.