Transit Resiliency

I am a big advocate of having alternative modes of transport, after all motor vehicles are an expensive* and dirty mode of transport that we have historically given too much influence to in the design of our cities. I believe that the value of a dwelling, particularly in an urban setting, is relative to its […]

Public Investment Decisions

As I am headed to Vancouver for a couple of days later this week, I thought today’s post could start with a focus on a controversial transportation project, the Gateway Freeway “mega-project”. The City of New Westminster is smack in the middle of this project and public sentiment seems to be against the project, at […]

Shape Vancouver – Is It All Hot Air?

The video on the front page of suggests that by increasing the City’s density there would be significant environmental benefits. However, a recent article on Planetizen from Dr. Tony Recsei suggests that these claimed facts may not have empirical support…

The Luge – Designing for and Owning the Risks

The Olympics should be above politics, but is this just the tipping point for an organization that has turned the act of sporting achievement into a carnival of corporate excess, where the spectacle of entertainment is more important than the sport, where the Canadian government goes to any length to Own the Podium.

Urban Grains CSA Harvest

The Lower Mainland’s Grain CSA called “Urban Grains” has begun the harvest thanks to warmer July weather and the threat of late August rains. [ad#468] The Kootenay Grain CSA just posted news about the recent tour and should be readying for harvest soon. We’re heading out through Creston next week, maybe we’ll get some photos! […]

Climate Change and Health in BC

Many people I speak to around BC about Climate Change don’t realize how much research has been undertaken from a BC perspective on the impacts of Climate Change. For those of you who aren’t into reading lengthy government reports, check out the presentation series linked below.