Rain Barrels

The idea of collecting water from the roof of our home elicits some primeval response related to survival – we need water, we need security, it is natural to want to be able to grow things. The crazy suburban fiesta of the past 40 or 50 years has removed us from the realities of food and survival, with centralization and expansion of everything being the theme of the era.

BSC2009 – The Sustainability of Okotoks

Why be a sustainable community? Involved connected creative community Necessity – statutory requirements of land planning Building within the environmental carrying capacity Population growth 1988 – 4,000 people 2015 30,000 people. (16% growth) Country residential fragments and expands infrastructure of all types Dwellers on the threshold A choice to be made – Planned destiny By […]

BSC2009 – Water Commodification Debate

For the positive argument, Marcel Boyer debates that water is scarce – lets use water prices to send signals to users. Marcel wrote – “Freshwater exports of the development of Quebec’s blue gold” – Montreal Economic Institute, 2008. The true value of fresh water is the cost of desalination of sea water – about $0.65 […]

Winter Creeks

A couple of days ago we had a comment from a resident who was convinced that there would be no water flowing in the highest of our creek intakes, on Murphy Creek. So we went out to investigate the flows –  we took the opportunity to inspect a second intake at the same time and […]