The Price of Ignoring Water Infrastructure

Image by urbanworkbench via Flickr We’ve been living on borrowed time when it comes to infrastructure, not just the communities in the Kootenays, but towns and cities of all sizes across North America. From what I can tell, more than half of the pipe in the ground in this part of the world is older […]

Rain Barrels

The idea of collecting water from the roof of our home elicits some primeval response related to survival – we need water, we need security, it is natural to want to be able to grow things. The crazy suburban fiesta of the past 40 or 50 years has removed us from the realities of food and survival, with centralization and expansion of everything being the theme of the era.

Water Suppliers and Health

One of the highlights of the BCWWA Conference I just returned from was a discussion about the ethics of water treatment and the frameworks that decisions such as this are made in. With a presentation from two Interior Health officials, the discussion and points raised gave us all plenty to consider on the ethics of our business – I did record this session and it is attached to this post.

BSC2009 – Water Commodification Debate

For the positive argument, Marcel Boyer debates that water is scarce – lets use water prices to send signals to users. Marcel wrote – “Freshwater exports of the development of Quebec’s blue gold” – Montreal Economic Institute, 2008. The true value of fresh water is the cost of desalination of sea water – about $0.65 […]

A Discussion on Peak Water

Image via Wikipedia Over at Aguanomics there is a guest post by Damian Bickett, a PhD student from University of California Berkley. In this post Damian discusses the use of the term “Peak Water” in a book  by Peter Gleick (among others) of the Pacific Institute. You can read the whole post here, but this […]

Reservoir Level Tracking

Everywhere else I’ve ever lived has considered storage of raw water to be their best asset in terms of water security. Here in the Kootenays however, we are blessed with a seeming abundance of clean water from mountain streams, and the need for storage has been minimal in many communities. There has been more concern […]